Sacred Kinship

Keri Davis

BsH RTT Interspecies Life Awareness Coach

My name is Keri Davis and though we may not have yet met, I know you and I have crossed paths for a special purpose. It is a great privilege and honour to help open conversations, facilitate evolutionary healing and empower this ability within you, too!

Interspecies Life Awareness Coach
As an animal communicator for more than two decades, I become a messenger, translator, and mediator between you and your animal companions.

Animal Communication

​Though we are indelibly connected with our animal companions, we interact with our world in different ways. Animals hear with their hearts, feel with their bodies, and interpret with their senses.

Coaching & Mentoring

Connect to your Intuition while awakening your unique Healing abilities – without years of protocols!

Quantum Animal Communication

Unlock the door to ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & discover how you can communicate with animals and ALL life.

How I can Help?

​I approach all my services holistically. This means instead of asking things like, “Where does it hurt?” I listen to what the body is saying, to what the soul wants, and to how the energies, emotions, and influences of all involved have brought us to the current situation.

Conversations with your Companion Animals

I facilitate a conversation in which you can talk about anything. It’s ideal for working through behavioral challenges and relationship issues; clarifying roles, preferences, or misunderstandings; or simply better understanding any aspect of your animal and the life you share.

Quantum Animal Communication Class

Unlock the door to ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & discover how you can communicate with animals and ALL life.

End of Life Decisions and Transitions

One of the hardest decisions you can face in life is to let go, to release your animal companion from suffering, and help them transition when the time is right.

Connections When Your Animal is in Spirit

It’s never too late to have a meaningful connection — or re-connection — with a beloved animal companion, whether you parted ways years ago or just recently. These connections are just as clear, powerful, and heart-warming as when the animal was in physical form.

My Commitment

100% transparency. 100% commitment to you.

Sacred Kinship is a snapshot of my life’s work and personal journey.

It is dedicated to my beloved dog, life partner, and teacher, Mukluk. Though he was deaf and blind, he taught me about energy healing, deep listening, unconditional love, exploration, and never giving up!

Quantum Prayer Circle

Co-creating a safe space for you and your animals to create new possibilities, health, and wellbeing…