Sacred Kinship

100% transparency.
100% commitment to you

Sacred Kinship is a snapshot of my life’s work and personal journey. It is dedicated to my beloved dog, life partner, and teacher, Mukluk. Though he was deaf and blind, he taught me about energy healing, deep listening, unconditional love, exploration, and never giving up!
He also inspires me to be 100% transparent about my strengths and weaknesses, about what I can help you with, and the results you can expect. I trust you will feel that while visiting the site or working together.
Here are some of the values, principles, and standards I embrace in my work with you:

I am focused on discovering, clarifying, and aligning with what you wish to achieve

I encourage self-discovery and strengthening your relationship to your animals and your true nature

I am committed to helping you find solutions and strategies that resonate with you, your situation, and your life

In the interest of your own growth and self-reliance, I help you stay on-track and accountable to your set goals and desires

Additionally, as a certified Interspecies Life Awareness Coach, I adhere to the follow industry standards:

I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively upon the coaching profession for human-animal interactions. I will do my best to adhere to the standards of the coaching profession as set forth by the International Coaching Federation.

I clearly understand my role as a coach to assist in the facilitation of growth and resolutions of issues between people and their animals and will provide the maximum possible effort in the best interest of human, nature and animal.

I will honestly represent myself and advertise my skills only to the extent I am qualified. I will accurately identify my qualifications, expertise and experience as a coach and I will not mislead or make false claims about what the client may receive from the coaching process.

I acknowledge my limitations and will refer clients to other professionals when I feel the issue is beyond the level of my expertise or outside the area I am qualified to practice.

I respect the privacy of people and animals and will honour the confidentiality of the client unless directed by the client to share information.

I will maintain professional documentation of clients and cases and gain permission from the client to share information or cases for the purpose of research or to further the human/animal/nature coaching profession.

I will have clear contracts or agreements with clients outlining exactly what I can and cannot assist them with regarding themselves or their animals.

I understand the coaching process is a dynamic energetic interaction between coach and client and I will seek to always act in the best interest of the client. I will set clear and appropriate boundaries as needed.

I will strive to recognize my personal issues that may restrict, conflict or interfere with my coaching ability and seek to correct and balance any issues. I agree to have peer review of my practice from time to time (minimum of four times per year) with other certified interspecies life awareness coaches.

In the interest of your own growth and self-reliance, I help you stay on-track and accountable to your set goals and desires