Sacred Kinship

My Story Starts with a Bumpy Beginning...

Since I was a young child, the normal life expectations never made sense to me. If you had asked my elementary-age self what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said, “Who cares? What’s the point anyway?”
For me, the only thing that really mattered was my incredible passion and deep connection with animals.

To support this feeling...

I often found myself feeling frustrated, rejected, betrayed, and alone among the “human” world.
I was constantly labeled overly sensitive and felt like I did something wrong,
even when I was simply being myself.
No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t fit in and life never seemed to work for me as it did for others.
This greatly affected my mental and physical health.

The School of Hard Knocks for Empaths

​I left home early and immediately entered the school of hard knocks for empaths!
Psychics explained away my intense emotional anguish as “Living other people’s pain.”
Huh? What did they mean?
Apparently, it was akin to literally living someone else’s pain
and desires and being unable to listen to my own heart and intuition.
Without these boundaries, I created some very toxic relationships.
I sacrificed my own needs because I felt others’ needs so strongly.
My health worsened.

Sacred Kinship is a snapshot of my life’s work and personal journey.

It is dedicated to my beloved dog, life partner, and teacher, Mukluk. I call him my little Wizard. Even though he couldn’t see or hear, he lived life FULL OUT. He taught me all about energy healing, deep listening, unconditional love, exploration, and never giving up! I miss you bud!

Mukluk’s Magic Mentoring
Mukluk became my mirror, reflecting back to me the toxic effects of my relationships and my work in the corporate world. When I saw how my choices adversely affected him, I realized how badly I was treating myself. He inspired me to make different, healthier choices and see life in new ways. He propelled me into the world of energy healing with the ferocity of a mad scientist. I wanted to know and truly understand the physics of consciousness and healing.

Along this path I finally discovered a community that spoke my language: Quantum Physics, Neurosciences, Consciousness, Healing Sciences, Animal Communication, RTT. Yes, I finally found my tribe; the place I belong. And I haven’t looked back.

In my journey to find Me and where I belong in this life, I have had to dig deep and let go years of imposed and self-imposed beliefs — and all the trappings of trying to ‘fit in’ and belong.

And with the new Me, I have found a sense of purpose and discovered a world of extreme clarity. I love how empowering it is to make different choices now that I understand the inner workings of the mind, brain, and connection to intuition and healing. Helping others to do the same is one of my greatest joys.