Sacred Kinship

What People and their Furry, Feathery, and Scaly Friends are Saying…

Nearly a year now since my soulmate cat passed leaving me in crippling despair and grief. My life focus turned to wanting to connect with her in spirit. I did every on line course, read dozens of books and watched every video instruction I could. Desperate none of it worked for me.

I heard Keri speaking on a quantum healing webinar and her words’ My passion is to support individuals in finding their own way’ turned something on in me. I could not have imagined the journey that was to evolve for me.

Now many months on I cannot find words enough to express the gratitude and admiration I feel for Keri. Can’t begin to define her gifts, knowledge and sensitive, extraordinary intuitive insight and empowering mentoring style. It’s like from the first meeting she saw who I was deep into my being and from then has been helping me, sometimes provocatively, to draw out the Essence of ‘me’.
I now look back with a smile realizing she never actually gave me protocols or a hand up, rather pushing it back on me to find that authentic place in myself; and always with a gleeful chuckle and witty comment. Everything about our time together is so real, such a connection between the inner and outer world.

I cannot recommend this journey with Keri highly enough. Today I feel so changed. So empowered in my own ‘way’ of sentient communication for myself and all beings.

Bless you Keri.

Where to begin to express how connecting with Keri has changed my life….

It all started with the animals, and the spiritual wisdom and lessons with which they so unconditionally gift us humans. My desire to heal them led me to Keri, and ultimately to a place to heal me too. I have some anxiety issues. Throw in menopause and you have quite an emotional cocktail lol. On top of that I have lived a life where suppressing those emotions and expressions was a “safe” way to be. Worry has often prevented me from living in the present and making the most of each moment. No more.

Working with Keri has allowed me to face my fears, open my heart to all possibility and grow my spirit in leaps and bounds. Besides giving me many techniques and tools to use to change my thoughts and re-wire my brains habits, she continues to support me unfailingly as we clear my junk. Staring both my strengths and my weaknesses in the eye has empowered and inspired me. She has taught me to have accountability for the life I am creating and started me on a path to finally live my life’s purpose.
I am forever grateful to you Keri! Please continue to shine your light – the world needs you!

— Tracey Lambert

Working with Keri has absolutely changed my life! For years I have dreamed of being an animal communicator and healer, reading every book and taking every course I could. I was always left feeling that I just wasn’t born to do it and I let go of the dream to focus on more “achievable” things. Thankfully the Universe intervened and led me to Keri. I reached out to her for help with my cat, but the first words out of her mouth were “ This isn’t about your cat, this is about you.” She asked me what I truly wanted in life and very sheepishly I told her I wanted to help animals, I wanted to be like her and I started working with her that day. Keri has helped me get past he blocks I put on myself, get over the past stories my life has written and navigate all the doubts and challenges that have come up. She encourages and supports me, guiding me with kindness but calling me on my crap when she needs to. In just 5 months I am now able to quickly connect with the animals we work with, tune into what their needs are and do the appropriate energy work with them. I have lots of work still to do, and lots to learn, but with Keri as my mentor it’s not just my dream anymore, it’s part of my life.


Keri – from the second we said hello, I felt I was talking to an old friend. You knew intuitively exactly who I was as well as who my dog was as if we’ve known each other for years! I adore my golden retriever Colbey and you saw that sweet devotion she gives back to me. I always knew Colbey and I had a strong bond but you made me see that it is far deeper than I ever thought. And you are so right! When I had the time to think of what you said – I realized that Colbey and I are tied together at the heart.

You knew that I was very worried about a couple of dogs who needed to have a better outdoor home than they have now. With winter coming I couldn’t sleep for worrying about them. You made me see that they are alright but that I may be transferring that worry to them and that then they would start to think that they were suffering. That was the last thing I ever wanted. That was the biggest help you gave me! I have to believe that things will change for them and they will be taken care of.

You are amazing! You totally knew what I was all about, what my life purpose was and also let me know that my dog Colbey had the same power to help others and that we should work together as a team. I never would have thought of that – Colbey is so hyper that it never occurred to me she could channel her energies and focus. A whole new world is opening up… Thank You Keri! Looking forward to working with you and moving in the direction I need to.

With love and gratefulness – Anna B, Lethbridge, AB

I’m so grateful to have been part of so many evolutionary healings, heart-warming human and animal conversations and experiences, and empowering trainings over the years. Your feedback says it all.

I called Keri in January 2021 after I lost my beloved 20 yr old cat, Mya.

Mya was like my child! We were inseparable and I made her my world. After taking her for her monthly vet visit where she was getting injections to keep her hydrated, in 5 minutes that visit ended up being the last time I would get to hold Mya. The vet took one look at her and said, “I think it’s time.” I thought I had time with Mya, but I only had seconds as she had already been given her final injection that would put her to sleep. I was utterly devastated and inconsolable. No one…not my family or close friends or anyone knew what to say. I was lost without her. When Keri and I connected, she connected with Mya’s spirit before our call and I know that everything she said during that one-hour consultation came from above. She knew details that no one else would have known. Her words brought me so much comfort that even now, years later, I can’t thank her enough! I feel at peace now and did adopt a new fur baby who is my Joy and Light of My Life. I talk to my new kitty all the time, including about her ‘older sister’. I smile now when I think of Mya and I have Keri to thank.

Keri has unique and powerful abilities working with energy

After meeting Keri in January 2021 after I had seen her as an Animal Communications client, I knew Keri had unique and powerful abilities working with energy. Somehow, she was able to help me go from feeling inconsolable to much more at peace in our one-hour conversation after my beloved pet had passed. We kept in touch over the past couple of years. I even bought a session for my mom who was also devastated after losing her pet suddenly. I knew the one person who could help bring her peace and comfort. It was Keri. She and I started communicating via email and phone again in mid 2022. She said if I ever needed any mentoring or coaching or support, to reach out to her. She just has this way of knowing! It did take me a few months to reach out as I’m so used to trying to figure things out on my own, do my in-depth hours of research, etc. but sometimes I don’t think we can heal just by taking in intellectual information. Sometimes – or maybe all the time – we have to heal at a deep, subconscious energetic soul level. I’ve seen many of therapists and healers over decades but very few of them work at the level that Keri does. We had weekly sessions for about six weeks, and I was feeling so much better than ever that even my family were asking me what I was doing differently. I highly recommend giving Keri a call!

Thank you again for the pivotal role you played in helping me find Tigger.

Over the 27 hours he was missing I had contacted a number of communicators and all were helpful in moving down the path. But it wasn’t until I spoke to you that it became very clear that I was only one who was going to find Tigger and
it is my spiritual connection that would lead me to him.

After you and I hung up I meditated and asked my spirit guides for their help. I was finally calm enough, and quiet enough to be able to really hear from a deep
place what was needed. I heard my guides tell me that I was going to find Tigger that day and they would help me. I took the cat carrier out into the open space and asked “do I go right, left, or straight?” And I would wait for an answer. Once I got an answer I did what I was told and then stopped for a bit to be quiet, and listen, and look for Tigger and also to hear guidance if it was there. After a bit I asked again “do I go right, left, or straight?” And as I made my way out further and further into the open space, turning right and left, etc I finally heard my baby meowing. It was a TOTAL miracle!! But I knew I had to be very careful as my kitty is very skittish and I felt strongly that I could lose him again if I made too much noise or wasn’t calm. It took me quite a while to even find him deep in the brush, which was extremely dense. Once I found him I sat with him quietly and gave him water and hoped that he would remain calm
enough for me to pick him up and get him in the carrier. With the help of my boyfriend and a leash the vet gave us we were able to capture Tigger and take
him home! It was 95 degrees outside that day and he was very dehydrated. I am not sure he was going to make it out there another day.

My conversation with you led me to a place to go inside and in a calm fashion get the spiritual help I needed. I think you said something about getting to a
place where the love is greater than the fear, and that is what I was able to do. In that place I could find him, and trust me the situation we were in was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thank you again – blessings to you on your journey.

— Vicki Landes

Working with Keri as she communicated with my cat Morphious was an incredible experience.

It brought not only understanding about my cat but to all members of my household. The questions that I had for my cat were answered, what he liked and didn’t like, what he is here to teach and what we can learn from him as well as what he had to say to all of us. A truly enlightening experience.

Everything that Keri said made sense and I started to implement what I learned right away.

I am now more connected with Morphious and myself and all the members of the household have said the same thing. I found it interesting how it was so impactful for my boyfriend and male roommate. For them, what morphoius said stuck more than anything I could ever say to them. It is funny how that works, but I am grateful it did. I would definitely get a reading again, it has changed how I see things, for the better.”

— Rachel Quigg
Life Coach, Pilates Instructor