Sacred Kinship

Quantum Animal Communication

Quantum animal communication classes with a twist.

Quantum Animal Communication is for the people that have the desire to understand the inner workings of how our wiring connects us to the flow and ability to communicate with animals using your mind, senses, and neurobiology. It’s about understanding the telepathic nature of ourselves and other animals, and understanding what they are trying to tell you. Really, it’s about connecting with our animal friends on a deeper, yet totally natural level.

One-on-one mentoring courses designed for YOU!

Unlock the door to Animal Communication & discover how you can communicate with animals and ALL life.

    What amazing things u led me to. Thank you soooo much. I was having a terribly hard time being patient and listening to myself, but kept repeating your words and suggestion that I would know when I knew.

    Finally I did! And a great plan is in place. Thru it all, some of the anger and hurt was healed. Huge bonus. 🙂 Bless your heart. What an amazing gift u have.

    — Karen

    Session Pricing

    Available in 30 and 60 minute increments.

    30 - minute session $80.00
    1 hour session $130.00

    What you’ll learn

    • Learn the foundational skills of animal communication (also known as interspecies communication)
    • Enhance your intuitive awareness, energy, and consciousness – while exploring the many layers of communication and healing.
    • You will discover new insights and develop your energetic and intuitive senses.
    • Discovering the difference between YOU and another is the cornerstone for clearer connections, intuition, and healthier boundaries.
    • Understanding how our neuro biology and quantum mechanics offers a big piece often live in this instinctually and unconsciously.
    • For advanced students – exploring different levels of accessing intuition and more…

    Who is this for?

    • Passion for learning…
    • Someone that values 1 on 1 mentoring – customized for YOU at affordable rates!
    • Desire to be a voice for Animals and nature.
    • Enhancing intuitive awareness, energy and consciousness.
    • Curiosity around the physics of Intuition and more…
    • The student that isn’t into basic material and wants more…

    MY offer to YOU

    • No cookie-cutter approach – designed specifically to your needs – built just for YOU!
    • Customized for beginner to advanced-level students.
    • You decide your level of commitment – whether one session at a time or package pricing.
    • Learn animal communication with professional standards from a renowned animal communicator with over 25 years of experience.
    • No rules – except the love of Animals

    A complimentary 15-minute call to see if this is the right fit for both.