Sacred Kinship

Animal Communication

Listening Beyond Words

Though we are indelibly connected with our animal companions, we interact with our world in different ways. Animals hear with their hearts, feel with their bodies, and interpret with their senses. They hone-in on the intention or feeling behind our words, and let instinct lead them. We humans, on the other hand, live by rules, beliefs, and expectations. We are adept at saying one thing while feeling another. We tend to ignore intuition and mask feelings. Can you see the foundations for a disconnect?

Vibrational Texting

Communicating telepathically, vibrationally, and energetically with our animals transcends all those challenges and connects with them at a deeper level. It not only helps us understand our beloved companions, but helps them feel understood. Being heard allows us all to release our frustrations, transform things like fears, dominance, and aggression, and create a wonderful new relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and love.

Session Pricing

Available in 30 and 60 minute increments.

30 - minute session $80.00
1 hour session $130.00

Meet your guides

In this process of pure communication, we often learn a lot about ourselves. As sensitive energetic beings, our animals pick up our negative beliefs, fears, and conditionings and often mirror them back to us. Animals act out our imbalances and stresses within the family unit. By deepening our understanding of their behaviour, they can become our teachers and guides. Through the filter of unconditional love, they teach us that what we are “doing” is nowhere near as important as who we are “being.”

How I Can Help

As an animal communicator for more than two decades, I become a messenger, translator, and mediator between you and your animal companions.

I work with you by phone, Skype, or simply through a distance energy connection and make sure everyone is heard, understood, and part of the conversation.

I can help in such areas as:

I feel honoured to give Keri a testimonial. In the time I have known her she has shown herself to be a very gifted intuitive and animal communicator. Keri shows clarity and understanding in her work which she approaches with unconditional love and compassion for both her clients and the animals she connects with. She has a wonderful and gentle spirit and I honour the work that she does.”

— Lyn Inglis
​Spiritual Medium and Counsellor