Sacred Kinship

End of Life Decisions and Transitions

One of the hardest decisions you can face in life is to let go.

To release your animal companion from suffering, and help them transition when the time is right. The endless contemplating, wondering if it was too soon, too late, or if you could have done more, doesn’t have to be part of this process. 

After 20 years of communicating with animals professionally, I have experienced to the depth of my soul how invaluable having another perspective can be during this time of decision-making. And when that perspective is from your animal directly, the clarity, certainty, the insights, the peace of mind are priceless.

My Committment

My commitment to you and your beloved companion is to help empower you to hear and feel that deep knowing within your heart and soul, and for you to recognize your love-inspired decision. I’ve been there myself and am honoured to help you feel the love and compassion during this time.

It was like she could see right into my soul (beyond all the stuff I was stuck in. Through her coaching, I was able to see, and feel the gifts I really do have. She was able to answer the questions I have had for so very long. Through Keri, I’ve learned to incorporate all of my senses, while paying more attention to my true feelings. I still don’t really know how Keri does it, but somehow she just knows you the way you’ve always wanted to know yourself. Through her gifts and knowledge she’s brought clarity into the chaos I called my life.

I’m now able to make better choices in my life. For the first time in my life, I’m feeling connected instead of lost. Now I feel empowered to use my gifts and follow my hearts desires.

I’ve been very fortunate in meeting Keri, and the benefits will last for a life time. I’m very thankful for every minute I was able to spend with her. Her insights are a treasure chest, and with her support I was able to finish the most important quest in my life -learning to move away from chaos and sadness to now living from a more peaceful, and fulfilling place .

Thanks soo much Keri for being with me on this journey!

— Iris

Session Pricing

Available in 30 and 60 minute increments.

30 - minute session $80.00
1 hour session $130.00