Sacred Kinship

Connections When Your Animal is in Spirit

It’s never too late to have a meaningful connection.

You can re-connection — with a beloved animal companion, whether you parted ways years ago or just recently. These connections are just as clear, powerful, and heart-warming as when the animal was in physical form.

Imagine getting long-overdue answers to your questions, finding out where their path led them and when it will intersect with yours again, asking advice on any subject, or simply getting to know your companion on a deeper level.

How I help?

I help you have some of the most meaningful conversations of your life, filled with love, healing, closure, hope, enlightenment, and joy.

Nearly a year now since my soulmate cat passed leaving me in crippling despair and grief. My life focus turned to wanting to connect with her in spirit. I did every on line course, read dozens of books and watched every video instruction I could. Desperate none of it worked for me.

I heard Keri speaking on a quantum healing webinar and her words’ My passion is to support individuals in finding their own way’ turned something on in me. I could not have imagined the journey that was to evolve for me.

Now many months on I cannot find words enough to express the gratitude and admiration I feel for Keri. Can’t begin to define her gifts, knowledge and sensitivity, extraordinary intuitive insight and empowering mentoring style. It’s like from the first meeting she saw who I was deep into my being and from then has been helping me, sometimes provocatively, to draw out the Essence of ‘me’. I now look back with a smile realizing she never actually gave me protocols or a hand up, rather pushing it back on me to find that authentic place in myself; and always with a gleeful chuckle and witty comment. Everything about our time together is so real, such a connection between the inner and outer world.

I cannot recommend this journey with Keri highly enough. Today I feel so changed. So empowered in my own ‘way’ of sentient communication for myself and all beings.

Bless you Keri.

Session Pricing

Available in 30 and 60 minute increments.

30 - minute session $80.00
1 hour session $130.00