Sacred Kinship

Quantum Coaching for Healers

Connect to your Intuition while awakening your unique Healing abilities – without years of protocols!

As humans, we are usually most happy when we are living our passion, following our soul’s path, and feeling connected to all life.

As a certified Interspecies Life Awareness Coach, I help you make those connections and remember who you really are — the person your animal already sees you as!

Quantum Animal Communication

Unlock the door to ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & discover how you can communicate with animals and ALL life.

Quantum ANIMAL COMMUNICATION is for the people that have the desire to understand the inner workings of how our wiring connects us to the flow and ability to communicate with animals using your mind, senses, and neuro biology. It’s about understanding the telepathic nature of ourselves and other animals, and understanding what they are trying to tell you. Really, it’s about connecting with our animal friends on a deeper, yet totally natural level.

I use my knowledge and specialties in human-animal-nature interactions, coach training, neuroplasticity, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), mind mapping, quantum physics, hypnosis, NLP, and others to help you unlock your intuition, telepathic skills, and healing abilities and discover how to healthily differentiate you and your energy from others. Additionally, I utilize a unique and innovative whole-system thinking system called Humans Understanding Nature and Animals (HUNA), developed by Mary Ann Simonds, of the Institute of  Integrated Sciences. It blends life sciences and animal behaviour with human psychology and consciousness to give you a rich, integrative, and life-changing outlook on living life to the fullest.

I personalize your work with me specifically for you and help you bring your unique gifts and abilities to your life and the world; to help you open what you have closed, and to enable you to reconnect with YOU.

Mentoring Sessions

Available in 1, 4, and 6-hour blocks.

1 – hour mentoring session $130.00
4 – 1 hour mentoring sessions $480.00
6 – 1 hour mentoring sessions 690.00

Among other things, I help you:

  • Expand your intuition and ignite your psychic abilities.
  • Learn the latest in scientific studies on how to achieve this connection to your innate Healing abilities
  • Embrace your power to connect, read energy, and heal yourself and others.​​
  • Develop new “muscles” and create lasting change that you can apply to all areas of your life
  • Discover the difference between you and another. Knowing where you begin and the end is the cornerstone of clear communication.
  • Understand the physics behind consciousness, which deepens communication and your life immensely!
  • ​Build a personal toolbox of knowledge, techniques, and empowerments that are yours forever to enhance all areas of your life.